Before you start using ShoppyHeaven it is very important that you read in-depth about our terms and conditions to understand how the entire functioning works. Having a knowledge of the terms and conditions not only helps you to understand your liabilities as a user but you can also understand what to expect from us. It is important to mention here that if you do not want to comply with any of our terms and conditions then you are free to make a decision and not use our services at all. As a commercial website, ShoppyHeaven has some designated set of rules and regulations that needs to be followed not only by us but by our users as well. These rules are in parity for all the users and one has to abide by them under all circumstances for the best output.


The entire owners of ShoppyHeaven are that it is not a manufacturer itself and is just a melting point of various other products finding a solid platform to sell themselves and reach out to the maximum of clients. As a platform, we make it a point to ensure that there is two-way communication between the sellers and buyers so that each can get what they require very easily. It is also very important to mention in this respect that we do not promote any particular brand or name and just provide a platform to the same so that they can reach out to the clients.

Each and every coupon or deal that is provided from the house of ShoppyHeaven is also subjected to change without prior announcement and we hold our sole discretion to the same. Typically,  whatever the purchase you make from these brands makes you solely responsible for the same and ShoppyHeaven does not hold any kind of responsibility. As clients, you are always free to make the decision for yourself and purchase the product. It is also important that you learn about the terms and policies put forth by the brands to understand what you can expect as users.


Services and Access to ShoppyHeaven

An online platform we do have a number of brands and products that come under one roof to reach out to the clients and make the shopping experience much more polished in nature. We tend to be a platform that connects the buyers with the sellers and makes the process much easier and convenient for both. You can choose to access ShoppyHeaven through the website or can also download the dedicated application. The information that you put in for registration is kept safe and ShoppyHeaven is not subjected to any kind of data tampering.

Client and Seller Liability

In order to continue to enjoy the benefits put out by us, it is very important to ask lions to abide by certain rules and regulations. These rules make the process much more harmonious and safe for every user.

Some of the most prominent rules that have to be followed under every circumstance are:


  • As clients cannot use any kind of harassment, derogatory or life-threatening words to the sellers and vice versa and even any other member in the platform.


  • Promotion of any kind of illegal and unsolicited products via spam mails, affiliate marketing or any other form of marketing is strictly prohibited.


  • Harassment or stalking is not entertained.


  • Use of any device or technology that can help you access information about the intricacies of ShoppyHeaven or post on behalf of us will simply invite legal obligations.


  • Not authorised to use, tamper, fabricate or even publish any kind of content put forth by ShoppyHeaven in the digital domain.


  • Usage of discount coupons as well as other offers will completely be under the sole discretion of ShoppyHeaven and can be changed without any kind of prior information.


  • Any kind of false defamation case on ShoppyHeaven or its fraternity will be dealt with strictly under the judicial penal code.


  • As users, you are completely liable for your functioning in ShoppyHeaven and nobody else can be held accountable for the same.


  • ShoppyHeaven is not liable for any kind of loss that might incur you if the product fails to reach you on time.


  • In case of any breach, your access to ShoppyHeaven will be terminated without prior notice and immediately.


Following the basic terms and conditions set up by us is very important as it helps us to take care of the digital environment and make it safer for us as well as our clients.



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