Privacy Policy

ShoppyHeaven has always intended to protect the privacy of the clients whether or not they are registered with us as our premium clients. This happens to be the norm irrespective of whether the joining has been made via mobile phone or the website proforma. Protecting the privacy of our customers, whether they have joined through the website or from our dedicated application is solely our responsibility and we try our level best to protect the same under all circumstances. Protecting the client’s safety is of uber importance and we have tried to deploy the best possible resources so that it gets guaranteed. It is always encouraged from our end that as clients you read our privacy policy and then sign up with us so that there is no scope for any kind of miscommunication.

Providing our clients with a much more premium experience, it is very important that you sign up with us providing the details like a registered email id. In that case, we do need certain bits of personal information like your name, contact details and similar such information. It has to be mentioned in this aspect that the information you furnish us with is protected under all circumstances. It is possible that you might be redirected to a third-party page on certain occasions. But be assured that this is completely safe and we do not provide any of your dedicated information to third parties. We would also like to commit in this respect that any of the information that you provide to the third-party websites does not fall under our discretion and has to be dealt with separately. ShoppyHeaven is completely against data tampering and we do encourage that before signing up you are well versed with the privacy policy of each page.

Genres of Information that ShoppyHeaven collects from you.

 If you are wondering what are the various aspects of data that we collect from you, there are various segregations:


  1. Personal Information:

This is the most commonly collected form of data by ShoppyHeaven and is very essential as well to provide clients with a holistic experience. This bit of personal information is important because we want to set up a personalised profile for your use and ensure that under all circumstances you get access to the best.

We tend to collect bits of information like email address, phone number and basic other points like your name etc. Be assured that whatever the information is, it is protected under all circumstances and under no obligation will we divulge or share the same.

Data privacy is one of our biggest concerns and we have always tried to protect the same for our clients. Neither our website nor our application collects any information unless you as a user would authorise us to do the same.

In case of any information which has been provided in a third party platform, ShoppyHeaven does not hold any discretion for the same.


Non-Personal Information

Apart from the personal information genre, we also collect certain information about your connection, area of access, machine used and similar other information. In most cases, we will also have access to what is the browser type, URL of the system, operating system and much more.

This has been done to protect the security bit of both the website as well as the users. A safe environment is very important for smooth functioning and constant monitoring of the connections is thus very important.

You can be assured that this bit of information cannot be used to ascertain any kind of personal information about you and it is also protected. The information is available for access by only our few authorised professionals and that too for the purpose of understanding how the connection is fairing and what is the user pattern.

Having knowledge of the same is very important for any kind of troubleshooting and even for other genres of technical requirements.



Just like any other website or application would do, ShoppyHeaven also has access to your cookies only when you permit us to do the same. Cookies are very important as it helps the webserver to understand when you come back to the profile again.

These are usually small bits of information that are stored in protected files and that too in your hard drive. Just Like The other forms of information collected this one is also protected and the right to access is restricted.


How We Get Hold Of Your Information

In most cases we collect your information in an authorised format by following the given number of procedures:


  1. Registration

 The registration procedure is very important particularly when you are signing up to become a premium member of ShoppyHeaven.

Generally, the registration procedure includes getting hold of information like your name, contact details, email address and similar information. All of these are shared at your discretion.

There is often a need for creating a password to protect the security of your premium account.


  1. Cookies

 We also collect data with the help of cookies, however, that is also done after you grant us access. Cookies are very important sources of information and help us a lot in understanding the algorithms and strategies of our users.

ShoppyHeaven is a website and application which is dedicated to protecting the security of our clients. We do understand that data protection is a very important aspect now particularly when there have been so many recent cases of data laundering.

But be assured, each and every bit of personal and non-personal information that you divulge is protected with us and the right to the same is also restricted to avoid any kind of discrepancy.